This Week in Paleo - Episode 11 - Wheat + Chocolate + Twinkie Diet + Free Cookbook + Paleo Re-enactment + Gary Taubes

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Episode 11 of This Week in Paleo covers:

  • Why Does Wheat Cause Arthritis? (Heartscan Blog, Dr. William Davis)
  • Medical Education & Big Pharma (Heartscan Blog, Dr. William Davis)
  • Truth About Saturated Fat (T-Nation)
  • Kettlebell Blog (Kettle Bell Planet)
  • Live in the Moment to be Happy
  • Why Chocolate Protects Against Heart Disease
  • Twinkie Diet
  • Meat and Aggression
  • Free Reader Created Cookbook (Mark's Daily Apple, Mark Sisson)
  • Chocolate as a Prebiotic (Matt Metzgar)
  • Probiotics and Mental Health (Matt Metzgar)
  • Where Did the Science Go (Practical Paleolithic, Adam Farrah)
  • Blog of the Week
  • Moment of Paleo: Paleo Re-enactment
  • Bonus after the show: Gary Taubes


This Week in Paleo Podcast Show Notes:

Doctors & Medical


Paleo Village
Blog of the Week
Moment of Paleo
  • Paleo Re-enactment

This Week in Paleo - Episode 11