This Week in Paleo - Episode 12 - Whole Lotta Confusion + Sally Fallon + Joel Salatin + Michael Pollan + Neil Tyson + Politics

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Episode 12 of This Week in Paleo covers:

  • Whole Lotta Confusion
    • Low Sodium
    • Avoid Sunshine
    • Tougher Food Laws
    • Body Scanners
    • Science Has Been Hijacked & Faked (Primal Muse, Jamie Scott)
  • After-the-Show Show
    • Sally Fallon (3 Offenders + Honoring Food)
    • Joel Salatin (TED)
    • Michael Pollan (Don't Buy Advertised Foods)
    • Dr. Bruce Fife (Coconut Oil)
    • Neil Tyson (Argument from Ignorance)
    • From the House of Representatives...


This Week in Paleo Podcast Show Notes:

Whole Lotta Contradictions
Blog of the Week
After the show

This Week in Paleo Episode 12