This Week in Paleo - Episode 13 - Run and Tell That! + Codex Alimentarius After the Bell

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This Episode of This Week in Paleo covers:

  • Paleo Village
    • Importance of Choline in the Prevention of Fatty Liver - The Daily Lipid - Chris Masterjohn
    • Gelatin in the Diet? - Zen to Fitness & Weston A. Price
    • Make Your Own Deodorant? - Michele Boudreaux - 
    • Paleo Crepes - Life as a Plate - AndreAnna - (Thanks for the Crock Pot Cranberry Sauce Recipe, too!)
    • Prevent Diabetes & Heart Disease for $16 - The Healthy Skeptic - Chris Kresser
    • Wheat One-Liners - Dr. William Davis
    • The Paleo Solution - Kindle Version Now Available
  • News
    • Epilepsy’s Big Fat Miracle - New York Times 
    • Risk of Stroke Not Associated with Vitamin D Among Blacks -
    • Suicide Warnings Have Led to a Decrease in Antidepressant Use Among Teens 
    • Chromium Has No Nutritional Benefit?
    • Dr. Mercola on Back Scatter TSA Scans 
  • Blog of the Week
  • Moment of Paleo
  • After-the-Bell Audio Clips
    • Codex Alimentarius
    • Antoine Dodson

This Week in Paleo Podcast Show Notes:

Paleo Village
Blog of the Week
Moment of Paleo
  • Cheating on Paleo

After the Bell

This Week in Paleo - Episode 13