This Week in Paleo - Episode 8 - PaleoGate + Stress + Sardines + AGEs

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Episode 8 of This Week in Paleo covers:

  • PaleoGate - Bread in the Upper Paleolithic!
  • 10 Ways Stress Makes You Fat & Diabetic - Healthy Skeptic
  • The Brain & Obesity - Whole Health Source
  • Herschel Walker, Sardines (FitBomb) and Fasting (
  • Dr. William Davis Talks AGEs
  • Free the Animal Salutes Medical Mechanics
  • Lies, Damned Lies, Medical Science
  • Doctors getting paid of by Big Pharma
  • Blog of the Week
  • Moment of Paleo - What if Paleo Humans Did Eat Bread?
  • Snuck in another brief bit of Alan Watts


This Week in Paleo Podcast Show Notes:


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Conventional Wisdom

 Blog of The Week

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