Latest in Paleo 141: Moore & More

On this episode of Latest in Paleo: Best drug ad ever; Jimmy Moore's new Keto cookbook; Paleolithic diet included carbs according to new study; the fat vs. carbs study; and the Danish butter study. There's a documentary series recommendation, a book recommendation, a Shinrin Yoku Update, a Listener Question about restoring gut flora after antibiotics, a Moment of Paleo, an After the Bell segment about what your doctor won't disclose, and a bonus clip at the very end! Enjoy!


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Shinrin Yoku Update

Listener Mail

  • From Martin L. answered in part by Tim Steele of the Vegetable Pharm Blog.
    • What is best way to replace gut flora? There are sooo many reasons for lack of or complete lack of gut flora. One of the biggest is antibiotics. I recently had kidney stones and had a CT scan and antibiotics which both decimated my gut flora.So how to restore them safely? There are many commercial options but which work?
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Moment of Paleo

  • Self-respect: Eating well as a form of self-respect.

After the Bell

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