Latest in Paleo 129: Heart Healthy Paleo

On this episode: Fair food in Australia & via Michael Pollan; a Heart Healthy Paleo Diet study, plus more Paleo Diet in the news; why standing may not necessarily be the solution to too much sitting. In the Listener Mail segment: why I'm trying to get fats from whole foods only; whether I'm concerned about vitamin B12 & K2 levels; and tips on how to get kids to eat healthy. We discuss the role of willpower in the Moment of Paleo. After the Bell, it's David McRaney explaining how we miss what's missing.

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Listener Mail

In this segment of the show, we discuss three recent listener emails. You can email me at angelo-at-latestinpaleo-dotcom. You can also contact me other ways.

  • Owen R.
    • Hi Angelo, hope you are doing well - really enjoyed episode 128! I'm really interested in the concept of 'whole fats' - i.e reducing your processed fats including the 'approved' ones, and only taking fats in their natural form. Can I ask you what inspired you to try this? Was it simply a matter of logic - ie - the fact that fats aren't isolated in nature any more than sugars are?All the best,
  • Christopher R.
    • I like that you focus on whole foods and nutrition to a degree that you don't take supplements. We were exposed to the idea of "whole foods" through the documentary Forks Over Knives. While that film was an important step in our health journey, it bugs me that all the plant docs who are proposing that style of diet are also recommending supplements. You mentioned that you eat a smaller amount of high quality meat. Do you pay attention to your B12 and K2 consumption? Those are the two things that I worry about not getting while not eating animal based foods. I don't want to take supplements.Side note: any special type of sweet potato you eat? Have you tried the purple Japanese ones? Keep up the thoughtful journey.
  • Zach
    • First off love the show, obviously! I also thoroughly enjoyed the latest episode 128 and the long section on your own diet and evolution of said diet. I would say I have mimicked closely the things you have, though when its comes down to the nitty gritty of what I am eating everyday, except for dairy. We have a small farm and own a couple dairy cows and I have loved getting raw milk and using it for many things.

      Anyways, my question and I would think others would love to hear on an episode is, how do you incorporate your diet with your family, especially your kids? I have 4 boys 7, 5, 3, and 1. Feeding is obviously quite a big chore throughout the day, with at least every 20 minutes somebody saying they're hungry!

      How do you bring things like organ meats, mass amounts of fibrous vegetables, bone broths and such into their diets?

      I find its been easiest for my younger two who have grown up mostly paleo, so they do not have a hard time with these, but my older two are a struggle when it comes to trying to incorporate new or different foods. I do not try to force much on them; I don't want a battle over food every day, but obviously wish I could get them on board with more things. We are off processed foods so some days it feels like they eat nothing but potatoes and bacon :)

      Hope all is well and keep on rocking out the shows!!!

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Moment of Paleo

  • On the Role of Willpower

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