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I'm Angelo Coppola.  I follow a Paleo Diet and Paleo Fitness plan. Using this evolutionary approach, I've seen some great results in a short period of time.  More About Me >


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Episode 11 - Mummies, Frankenfoods, and a 17-day Diet

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Mandoline - Support the Show

A lot of people have been asking me for a mandoline recommendation. This is because we use a mandoline in the Beef Jerky recipe.  Well, I finally have one.  The Benriner Japanese Mandoline slicer.  Based on listener, Amy and I purchased this brand from Amazon, and we’re *very* pleased with it.  We got the smaller version, but the wider model might be better.  Take a look, and if you buy (using these links) a small portion will go toward the show.  Thanks!

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