Episode 3 - Mainstream Paleo & Humans are not Broken

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Latest in Paleo Podcast Show Notes:

Mainstream Paleo
  • Unilever - Food of Our Ancestors
  • Brands and their owners
    • Unilever: Bertolli, Country Crock, Blue Band Liquid Margarine, Doriana Cream Cheese Alternative, Hellman’s Mayonnaise, Wishbone Salad Dressings, World’s Largest Ice Cream Manufacturer, Breyer’s Ice Cream, Ben & Jerry’s, Knorr line of seasonings, soups and sauces, Lipton line of teas both bottled and brewed, Slim-Fast
    • Nestle: Bottled water, Perrier, San Pellegrino, Chocolates & Candies, Butterfinger, Nestle Crunch, Kit Kat, Willie Wonka Bars, Coffee: Nescafe, Frozen foods: Stouffers, Lean Cuisine, Dairy: Carnation, Coffee-mate, Drinks: Juicy Juice, NesQuick Chocolate Drink, Ice Cream: Dreyers, Haagan Das, Powerbar, Petcare: Alpo, Beneful, Weightloss: Jenny Craig
    • Kraft: A1 Steak Sauce, Cadbury Chocolate, Capri Sun, Cheese Whiz, Chips Ahoy, Cracker Barrel, Crystal Light, Dentyne, General Foods Brand, Jell-o, Kool-Aid, Oscar Meyer Brand including Lunchables, Maxwell House, Nabisco, Nilla Wafers, Nutter Butter, Oreo, Planters Peanuts, Ritz Crackers, Stovetop, Tang, Toblerone Chocolate, Trident, Triscuit, Velveeta, Wheat Thins
  • Brands You Might Have Thought of as “Small”
    • Burt’s Bees? Clorox
    • Tom’s of Maine? Colgate-Palmolive
    • Naked Juice? Pepsi
    • Odwalla? Coke
    • Horizon Organic Milk & Silk brand Soymilk? Both owned by Dean Foods
    • Green & Black’s? Owned by Cadbury --> Kraft
    • Dagoba Chocolate? Hershey
  • Whole Foods & Stonyfield Farms Cozy Up to Monsanto - FastCompany http://www.fastcompany.com/1723063/organicgate-are-whole-foods-stonyfield-farms-and-organic-valley-cozying-up-to-monsanto
    • Stonyfield Farms? Danone Group
  • Theory vs Life - Dr. Kurt Harris

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