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I'm Angelo Coppola.  I follow a Paleo Diet and Paleo Fitness plan. Using this evolutionary approach, I've seen some great results in a short period of time.  More About Me >




Latest in Paleo is a health news and real food podcast. I'm your host, Angelo Coppola, and I offer you my take on health issues as they are covered in the mainstream media and on the web. My starting point is that "Human beings are not broken by default." I look for harmony between the latest science and evolutionary clues left for us by our ancestors.

Latest in Paleo

Latest in Paleo Podcast

This is my current podcast, which is being published monthly. Here, you'll find show notes, downloads and more.
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Latest in Paleo

This Week in Paleo Podcast

This is my first podcast, which has now been retired. In the archives, you'll find show notes, mp3 downloads and more. 
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Latest in Paleo

This is my blog. Here, you'll find commentary, recipes, articles, my About page, before & after pics & more.
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