Latest in Paleo is a podcast created, produced, and hosted by Angelo Coppola, since 2010. It is distributed by the 5by5 Broadcasting Network. It's a health news program, with commentary and analysis that aims for the intersection of the scientific evidence and evolutionary clues. Sometimes I refer to this as the crossroads, which is a reference to that intersection as well as a metaphor for the health decisions we all face.

Latest in Paleo is here to help keep you:

  • informed, entertained, and mentally stimulated;
  • excited about the value of your own health;
  • aware of the full array of health opinions, both inside and outside of ancestral health viewpoints (your health is too important to exclusively look for answers within a single paradigm or community).

I'm humbled by all of the kind things people have said about the show, like this:

About the same time I started doing Paleo, Angelo Coppola began producing his Latest in Paleo podcast. This well-made show examines current news stories regarding health, diet, and fitness. It's one of my favorite podcasts, and I listen to it as soon as it shows up on my player.
- Mark Frauenfelder
Founder of BoingBoing and editor -in-chief of MAKE

The show has had several episode formats:

  • Solo health news & views
  • Interviews
  • Highly produced interviews with sounds, music, and storytelling
  • Panel discussion about the news

Most frequently, episodes are one of the first two types listed above. No matter the format, I take production seriously, and I value your time. I'll always try to create episodes of the show that leave listeners better off for having listened to them.

I've also been very honest about my own journey along the way, both as host of the show and as someone who has successfully overcome lifelong obesity and overweight. Each step of the way, I've found small tweaks that have improved my health and pointed me in a better direction.

Since 2010, I've lost and maintained 80 to 90 lbs of weight loss, which is extremely rare—only about 1% of obese people achieve this. My own diet remains ancestrally informed, but doesn't look like the typical Paleo diet. Most of my diet now comes from fiber-rich whole foods, although its still very much omnivorous. I've written why I believe this is still in alignment with the scientific evidence and evolutionary clues (Part 1, Part 2). I call it Plant Paleo. I share the details here on my blog.